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The Asterisk includes the feature like mail through voice, call conferencing, distribution of the call and other phone menus used for the communication with the user. We can use this software on any regular computer, but most of the customer runs it on Linux because Linux is light weighted and free to use. It can also work on any of the operating system, including emulated software. If we need that our Asterisk will work more so we have to need more computing power so it can work smoothly.

It can connect the different organization with each other over VoIP and Internet. For connecting the incoming calls to Outbound or any other local user Asterisk uses many commands and applications to create working PBX.

The Configuration of Asterisk:

Here we are going to show how we can configure an Asterisk. The whole process is taken place in few steps so read the steps one-by-one and follow:

  1. Install the Asterisk from the following link:

Link: https://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telephony/asterisk/

  1. After downloading the file extract the file and save in a particular directory.
  2. Next step is to configure the Asterisk so go to configuration page and note your Username and Password.
  3. Now we are going to configure

Add line to register with junction network



Register => MY_USERNAME:MY_PASSWORD@sip.jnctn.net


  1. Replace MY_USERNAME AND MY_PASSWORD with your username and password.
  2. Now create a peer entry for junction network.

A new entry for call to junction network



fromdomain=sip.jnctn.netfromuser=MY_USERNAMEhost=sip.jnctn.netinsecure=invite username=AUTH_USERNAMEsecret=MY_PASSWORDtype=peer




  1. For a set, the SIP configuration applies the following code.

Asterisk –rx”sip reload”

Working of Asterisk:

Asterisk is an open source network. It turns the ordinary computer into a communication server which communicates with the customers when the customer dials the call. Asterisk can power the many dialer solutions like PBX system, VoIP gateways, and much more custom solution.

When the call is dial by the customer it takes the call and plays the recorded voice in starting and provide some instruction after the success of the call it will connect the customer to the agent if the call is not disconnected. In this, it plays the role to communicate the customer with the agent simply.

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