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IVR (Interactive voice response) is an Automatic technology used to communicate with the people and collect user information through the use of voice and DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency) by using inputs of the keyboard. An IVR can response by using pre-recorded or dynamically generated voice which directs the user how to proceed.


An IVR is a multi-tasking system as it can process customer’s call, its transaction details, by taking customer’s requests, providing the information to the customer on new products, transferring calls to agents based on customer request etc. The IVR system having a different type of menus, Sub-Menu or other option based menus which are present on the application.

When these options are placed to the user then they have to select an appropriate option after that they have directed to the IVR system for completing the customer requests. Suppose if a customer couldn’t find any related options which can solve the customer’s problem then the call is transfer to the live agent who can actually help the customer by taking over the call.

There is no human interaction with the user until the user can transfer their call to the Call Center agent. All the option which are given in menus and in the sub-menu is a pre-recorded message which are played as per the customer select the options. These recorded messages are called “Prompt” in the IVR system.

Benefits of IVR:

  • Free of Error:

Suppose if we have a receptionist for attending and answering the calls. She has to attend hundreds of calls daily there might be a chance in that calls, a couple of them will bound in the wrong place but in case of IVR, the customer is responsible for the fault for which option they are selecting.

  • A solution in the first attempt:

Whenever the customer calls and the call is transfer to the best agent for a particular solution as per customer need problems are solved in the first attempt. This satisfies the customers and gives positive feedback to the agent.

  • Saving time and revenue:

IVR technology replaces human and takes his position for answering the calls, this will help in answering more calls in less time. This will saves the time as well as money which are spending on the person for answering the calls.

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