What is VoIP | What does VoIP work | Types of VoIP | How to configure VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over IP) is a network which transfer voice over IP (internet protocol). It allows the customer to use the internet as a communication or transmission medium for calls at a very low cost. A VoIP is hardware or software based designed telephone used over voice IP (VoIP) for dialing and receiving calls. This phone having the property to convert the analog audio call into a digital format so it can be transmitted over the internet and further it converts digital signals from the internet to standard telephone audio.

How VoIP works-

The VoIP network works in two ways some VoIP uses A/C adapters for power and some use Ethernet cable for power. Here we need several networking components to make our VoIP network working. The VoIP network requires many protocols to manage the delivery of voice communication.

The Session initiation protocol (SIP) it is the protocol used for signaling and sets up VoIP connections. Real-time transport protocol (RTP) is used to receiving and send the voice and multimedia information between two devices.

Types of VoIP-

There are basically two types of VoIP Hardware based and Software based

The Hardware-based VoIP includes physical features such as the speaker, a touchpad, and display to display user input and caller ID. It also transmits and receives images during the calls.

The Software-based VoIP also known as softphones which are stored in a client phone or computer. The softphone having a microphone which helps in making a call and connects with the user.

A Configuration of the VoIP network:

Step-1: Before configuring the VoIP in X-Lite we have to install it. So Download X-Lite from the link- https://www.counterpath.com/x-lite-download/

Step-2:  After downloading we have to open Account setting of Softphone


Step-3: After clicking the account setting we have to provide basic information to configure X-lite.

Account name: Vert-Age

User ID: Your sip number (for example 123xxxx) from your account.

Domain: abc.com

Password: Your sip number password from your account

Display name: Your sip number (for example 123xxxx from your personal

Authorization name: Your sip number (for example 111111) from your account.

After entering the following detail we have saved the setting.

Step-4: Now the Softphone is ready and we can make a call through it


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