Predictive and Power Dialer: Which One is Ideal for Your Sales Team

When it comes to enhancing productivity and efficiency of sales professionals in a sales team, the requirement of an advanced Call Center Software becomes an important thing to put in place. Today, the call centers have got a slew of advanced tools and programs together with the contemporary technology. We can see how the call agents are now able to multiply their output with the help of contemporary Call Center Software programs.Call center Software

In today’s call centers, there are some largely used Power dialer software systems to allow the call agents to reach out to the maximum number of audiences as per their preferences. Predictive and Power Dialers are two among the widely used dialer programs by call centers. Other two dialer software programs are power dialer and manual dialer.

Here in this write-up, we will have a comparative note on the two dialer programs—predictive and Power Dialer—so as to help you know which one is ideal for your sales team.

If you look forward to enhancing the productivity of your sales team in your business, then you must go for advanced and contemporary Call Center Software Solutions system.

What is Predictive Dialer Software program?

Predictive Dialer Software system is programmed using a complex algorithm so as to define specifically when to make a call. It helps the call agents to maximize their productive hours by spending their most of the time in the calls. The software program comes bundled with several dialer options.

What is Power Dialer Software program?

A Power Dialer Software program helps the call agents to save their time by moving to the subsequent phone calls if the current phone number is busy or it has been disconnected.

A comparative point of view on predictive and power dialer software program:

Whilst both of the dialer software programs are aimed at providing the utmost conveniences to the call agents by automating their jobs, there are some differences between these two dialers that make them very specific for the call centers.

Ease of use:

A Predictive Dialer Software Solution contains complex features—which can be managed and executed by a team of experts and technical support professionals. But on the other hand, the power dialer software system comes featured with easy and convenient tools that everyone can use them while attending a phone call.

So, the power dialer stands a winner at this front with the help of its ease-to-use features. It is best suited for the newly-established Outbound Call Centers wherein a nominal capital is required to run the business.

Number of calls managed by the dialer:

When it comes to handling the number of phone calls in a call center, the Predictive Dialer Software appears out to have even more effective than the power dialer holds. You can maximize the productivity in your call center by minimizing the number of dropped calls.

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