What is auto dialer software? | Advantages of auto dialer


Here Auto means automatically and Dialer means to dial something. An Auto Dialer is software which automatically dials numbers or dials something according to the program which we provided to it. When the call is connected to the dialer either plays a recorded message or it will connect it to live agents.

In the auto-dialer pre-recorded message dialer requests to press the button on their phone keypad in which they are asked to press one key if they need that person or press another which solves his request. Auto Dialer Software are more useful in call centers and telecalling.

When auto dialer play plays prerecorded message it is called robocalling. And when it connects to live agents it is called Predictive Dialer.

Auto Dialer Software



Auto-dialing means that we don’t need more manual dialing. Automated dialing system removes different call constraints like misdialing, excessive wait time and call drops etc. Automatic dialing process ensures only connected calls are routed to the agents, as auto dialers can detect the busy signals and non-serviceable numbers, thereby increasing the call connect ratio remarkably. More connected calls result in higher agent productivity and improved operational efficiency.


It is the most important advantages of Auto Dialer Software. As it is the significant increase in the talking time of agents as compared to a manual dialing system. With decrease the idle time and improved the call connectivity ratio, agents spend more time talking to the prospects and customers on call. Auto Dialer software increases the agent talk time and leading to better customer communication and higher the agent connectivity and productivity


Manual dialing seems to spend more time on an agent as an agent has to wait until a call connected to him. For every call, an agent wastes time in listening busy tones, answering the dialer and facing disconnected calls. The Auto Dialer Software enables the dialer system to identify these calls and skip call if they were wasting the time. Auto Dialer is really effective in reducing the time as it only routed the answered call to the agents.


The Dialer software can connect many applications with any existing connected phone or technology and can run with third-party components. Auto Dialer Software provide maximum benefits as one solution software can be compatible with all systems. Due to this feature organization which uses this software to earn a profit and interacts with many peoples in less time.

Working of Auto Dialer:

Auto Dialer is most useful for the customer care and Telecalling Company as it reduces the idle time of the agent where an agent can use that time on the phone with a customer. Autodialers increase the chance to connect the agent to the customer as an agent is free from the manual dialing so he can give more his time to an agent.

How it works- In order to run the Auto Dialer Software we need some running components, we need a computer which can successfully run the software, an agent who can answer the phone calls, a voice modem, and an active telephone line. The software will tell the computer which number is to be selected for dialing, and what to do when there is a busy signal on that particular number when we dial that number, a voice mail, or an actual live person who picks up the phone.  Dialers have to decide which number is to be dialed and how long it takes before dialing any number.

In Auto Dialer Software when the dialer dials a call it will not directly call the customer but it first checks whether there is free slot in the gateway if not then the call dialing cancel and if there is a free slot then the dialer dials a call which will be received by customer when the customer receives a call it will respond back to the agent and both connected to each other.

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