One of the most commonly used call centre software is on premise call centre software. For most of the “self-doers” out there, an on-premise call centre software is the appropriate option. It refers to the age-old landline phone systems with local routing servers installed in your office. It provides the call centre with a whole control over the system. But it comes at the cost of actually having to purchase and maintain the hardware and the software. The business needs to curve out the expense of incurring the expenditure of getting the whole system physically fixed and maintained


It gives control over all integrated systems and data as they are all onsite. It is ideal for centralised teams that require their data to be l0cal and have a dedicated IT staff that can maintain and update their hardware, software and infrastructure.


This type of system requires costly upfront investments for setting up the whole system. It is also a pretty outdated. The system requires constant upgradation with each new version. It is also not the most secured and privatized call centre solution.

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